"Dr Magnolia Ng is a bright, warm, and caring professional.  She has been taking care of me for 5 months and since that time we have made amazing progress. My blood pressure has dropped 35 points, my weight has dropped 20 lbs, and my energy is off the charts.  Through yoga, I have gained flexibility, core strength, and inner peace in my daily life.  All thanks to her knowledge and thoughtful approach.  I can highly recommend her!"
Dan M.


"Dr. Magnolia Ng: Acupuncturist, Chiropractor, Yoga Teacher. She is a one stop shop for your healing needs. I have received treatment from many practitioners, and her energy and touch is comparable to a smooth yet strong wave.
She is incredibly compassionate, understanding, and has vast knowledge of Chinese medicine since her youth; I believe her cultural background gives her deep comprehension of holistic health.
I receive chiropractic adjustments from Dr. Ng that are usually accompanied by soft tissue work and e-stim to relax my chronic upper trap pain. I really appreciate the variety of treatment, there are far too many practitioners who will not go above and beyond and usually stick to one treatment method, but Dr. Magnolia Ng has many tools under her belt.
The most impressive quality is her intuition, her ability to see what the pain is and where it originates from. I think this is something one can't learn in school, but rather an innate talent.
I highly recommend visiting her; she is an amazing energy with insurmountable health knowledge."

Sabrina L.



"Amazing neck and back treatments! I have been seeing Dr. Ng for 3 years and she is a must see every time I come home. I injured my low back while sledding last winter resulting in nerve pain in my legs whenever I run or sit. When I went home to San Francisco for the summer, she used top of the line electric stimulation and ultrasound technique in addition to hands on care to alleviate my problems within 2 months. I am now able to play basketball and participate in 5K runs again. Since I currently live out of state, Dr. Ng has taught me yoga stretches to do in the mornings as a preventative measure, which have proven to be beneficial. I highly recommend Dr. Ng for her top notch care and cannot wait to be back in town for my next treatment in a month!"

Lillian J.




"I first came to Jing Li in 1994 when I pulled my back.  After several emergency room visits, xrays, chiropractors and tons of meds, I noticed Jing Li's sign on the way to my doctor's office.  I had never tried acupuncture, but the amount of pain I was in, I was OPEN and ready to other methods of treatment.  This woman after only 4 visits, had me back on track, her technique is the most soothing and the most real I have ever had.  The herbs were not my favorite, but, I was in so much pain, she was like GOD for me.  I did everything she said, and I was EVERY woman once again!  I always go to Jing because she has a HUGE heart and truly wants to heal you, if you allow it.  You will be amazed at the results!  She also has an amazing acupressure masseuse, that starts at the top of your head and ends at your toes, the minute you get off of the table, YOU wanna do cartwheels!    I think her masseuse only works in her SF office, but I am not totally sure.

Try Jing Li, she cares to cure!"

Beverly V.


"Dr. Magnolia is awesome!! Kindest, most thoughtful doctor I know. She is a true professional in her craft and handles all patients with sincerity. She helped rehab my sprained ankle with massage, therapeutic ultrasound, electrical stimulation, kinesio taping, acupuncture, and adjustments. She also gave me techniques on how to strengthen my ankle at home so I can start playing basketball like Steph Curry again. She sets a great environment for therapy and not only makes you feel great physically, but also mentally. I always leave with a smile on my face, feeling good about my injury and that one day I will dunk."

Brett C.



"I rarely ever write yelp reviews, but this time I just had to write a review because of the amazing the service. I recently drove out to Nor Cal from Albuquerque, New Mexico to visit some friends. Driving for extended periods of times is exhausting, especially 16 hours. My back was really killing me so I asked my friends for recommendations in town. I'm glad I took my friend up on this place. It was near by to where I was staying. I've been to several chiropractors and acupuncturists before, and this has to be one of the most friendliest places I have been. I was greeted with a big warm smile from Dr. Magnolia Ng. She was extremely caring. My favorite thing about her care was the fact that I was able to have both an acupuncture and chiropractic adjustment. I usually go to two different doctors in New Mexico for each. I really enjoyed having both as Dr. Ng really took care of my rotated out of place hip and hunched back. My energy was also really low along with my blood pressure being high. Her "needles" did the trick. I really wish she was out here in Albuquerque as she is now my favorite doctor. One other awesome thing about her is that she is also a yoga instructor (something I started practicing recently). Talk about an all-in-one health care provider. She is a wonderful doctor and am extremely happy I gave it a try. I highly recommend her services to everyone. You'll leave feeling amazing. I rarely say this about anything, but she's legit. I will make sure to stop by next time I am in town again. Needless to say, driving back to New Mexico was a lot more comfortable."

Leonel D.



"I have  seen Dr.  Jing Li  over the years for different ailments from siatica to asthma and have always had  good results . She cares and goes beyond to  do everything she can to heal you. She as always  makes time to fit  me in her schedule, her office  is welcoming and clean.

I only have high regards for her  and her profession."

Luisa T.